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The Afrikara Agroecology Cooperative

The Afrikara Cooperative operates on a 38,5Ha mixed farm set in the spectacular Breede Valley in the Western Cape of South Africa. Here you won’t find commercial-sized polytunnels, bare earth and tree felling on an industrial scale. What you will find is a deep love for Nature.


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We Are a Cooperative

The Afrikara Agroecology Cooperative was created to capture the true spirit of Ubuntu.

As a values-driven collective, we put worker and community benefit at the core of our purpose. In contrast to traditional companies, our members participate in the profits, oversight, and management of the farm using democratic practices. Our members own the majority of the equity in the business, and control the voting shares.

The Land Belongs to a Trust

At the core and root of our ecological crises lies a compulsive maniacal obsession to have, to possess, to buy and to own portions of the Earth. Rather than being seen as sacred and beautiful, land is viewed as a commodity to be exploited, bought and sold. Outrageous robberies, frauds and crimes against Humanity and Nature have been carried out under the guise of “ownership.”

One possible solution is to rediscover our roots and to bring the truth about ownership in the open. At Afrikara, we are called to develop and nurture the courage to reconnect with our humanity and what was the Ubuntu and Khoi-Khoi ways of life. Following these examples, we are demonstrating that a solution is found in “freeing” the land to “free” people.

Free people are you and me, and anyone who is empowered and transformed by an acute consciousness. We have realised the dangers of the concept of ownership. Instead, we manifest custodianship through sustainable actions and regenerative activities for the people, by the people, with the people.

We Are Unapologetically Biodynamic

Biodynamics, derived from anthroposophy, harnesses cosmic and terrestrial forces. These forces can be activated by herbal and other natural preparations, and have a positive impact on the composition of the soil and soil organisms. These forces influence biological matter based on the constellations or the movements of the planets. 

Another central tenet of biodynamics is the concept of the “unity of the farm organism”, which includes humans, wild and domesticated animals, soil, plants, agricultural practices, and the effects of nature, all working towards whole system health.

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