Volunteer with Afrikara

Join our community by volunteering

How to become a volunteer

Prospective volunteers/interns/students/apprentices must submit an Application Form and a Health Form, both of which can be downloaded below.

Both forms must be emailed to Afrikara.

What can you expect?

  • Communal accommodation and living spaces with shared ablution facilities. (Please supply your own bedding.)
  • Farm life on a working farm, in beautiful natural surroundings.
  • Learning to live and work in a community committed to sustainable agro-ecology.
  • Three meals a day, prepared with fresh produce from the farm, including early-morning coffee and beverages served at mealtimes. (Please supply your own sugar, tea/coffee and other beverages for consumption at other times.)
  • Free access to laundry facilities.
  • Free unlimited WiFi access.
  • Access to the library, music, guitar, drums, and movies on a big screen.
  • A wide range of technical texts and documentaries.

What do we expect in return?

  • You will be required to work for 10 days, from dawn until dusk, with three-hour siesta breaks after lunch (during summer), followed by four days off.
  • You will be working outdoors with soil, plants, animals and water. You may also be required to repair or install fencing, and carry out structural and other maintenance.
  • Your work will include food harvesting, packaging & processing, as well as sales & deliveries.
  • You will be required to help with cooking and cleaning.
  • You will be required to be a willing participant in artistic and cultural activities, and to join the mantra sessions at start of each day.
  • You will be required to make a contribution in the form of skills transfer, money, tools, equipment, activities, books, music, movies, social media content, video footage, and/or photographs.