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Wholesome farm produce, workshops, healing modalities and social interchange

Organic dairy

Our cows are pasture-fed and free-roaming in large, fenced meadows. They are milked once a day, usually at sunrise, giving us raw, organic milk and cream, from which we produce feta, butter and labneh (a soft probiotic yoghurt cheese). In line with bio-dynamic principles, our cows are not dehorned.

Grass-fed lamb & wool

We have a medium-sized flock of pasture-fed sheep, who lamb outdoors and rear their young with minimal human interference. They are shorn once a year. The lambs and lactating ewes are separated from the rest of the flock and housed under-roof at night, until the male lambs have undergone rubber-ring castration.

Free-range eggs

Our hens and cocks run free, ensuring that their diet contains a balanced mixture of plant and insect matter. Their free-range presence on the farm ensures that fly populations are controlled, as they are able to access the fly maggots and larvae. In addition, we feed them organic sprouts, dairy waste and kitchen scraps. They are housed under-roof at night, to protect them from predators.

Organic veggies

We grow organic, seasonal vegetables, herbs, olives and sprouts and are currently adding more gardens.
We are also developing food forests, consisting of fruit and nut trees and medicinal plants.
We grow and harvest our own waterblommetjies (edible water lilies), a local delicacy.

Natural honey

Our hives are harvested once a year, with minimal interference. Our bees forage on waterblommetjies, fynbos, bluegums, vineyards and orchards. The harvesting is contracted out , with the beekeeper providing sufficient honey for live-in Afrikara members and volunteers, and the remainder constituting his payment. In this way, we offer the bees protection and sustainability, as well as interfacing with the community.

Education & art

"The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science."
We host Waldorf-themed camps for children and young adults, that encourage learning through participation in authentic farm activities, as well as art, poetry and movement workshops, to ensure a rich program that engages all aspects of a child’s being: the hands, the heart, and the mind.

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