Become an Afrikara member

and become part of working towards a sustainable agricultural model for South Africa

How to become a member

Afrikara is a community inspired to freely cooperate in supporting a rapid evolution of consciousness in agriculture.
Membership is open to all South African citizens and permanent residents who are 18 years of age or older, irrespective of race, gender, culture, religious orientation or any other designation or orientation.

There are 2 (two) categories of members:
Activity Rights Members and Supportive Members.

Category 1 – Activity Rights Members contribute to the business potential of the Cooperative through exercising 'activity rights'. These members may benefit from bonuses paid out from the surplus of the Cooperative at the end of a financial year, as stipulated in Clause [30].

Category 2 – Supportive Members support the business of the Cooperative, without taking up activity rights within the Cooperative, through buying the produce or services produced by the Cooperative, or by donating or investing resources into the Co-operative. These members do not qualify to have bonuses paid out from the surplus of the Cooperative at the end of a financial year.

Anyone interested in joining as a member of Afrikara should acquaint themselves thoroughly with the vision, values and objectives as set out in our Constitution (see below).

The process is as follows:

  • Request and read the Constitution of Afrikara and the Code of Conduct from Afrikara
  • Download the application form and send it to Afrikara.
  • Pay the application fee.
  • Arrange to visit the farm and/or meet some of the residents and/or board members.
  • The Board will then consider your application at the next board meeting.
  • You will be informed by e-mail if your application has been successful.

Should you be interested in taking up an activity within the co-op, you will need to have further discussions with one of the members and present a proposal in writing to the board for its consideration.

The benefits of being a member of Afrikara are:

  • Preferential access to farm produce and accommodation at prices as determined at the AGM. All members have the right to give input on pricing.
  • All members are permitted to participate in activities of the Cooperative.
  • Should you wish to become actively involved on the farm, you may apply to reside on the farm; alternatively, you may visit the farm at any time, stay over and participate in activities on the farm.
  • Your contribution supports Afrikara's work and vision.

Afrikara’s vision is encapsulated in the following statement:

Afrikara is a community of individuals who freely cooperate in supporting a rapid evolution of consciousness in agriculture. We stimulate life forces to enliven and care for the earth, ensuring access to food that nourishes body, soul and spirit, while honouring the unique contribution of each individual.

Extracts from the constitution in relation to membership

Members are inspired and driven by their desire to live and work according to universal laws that ensure sustainable, balanced and harmonious development.

All actions, activities and decisions made by members of the Co-operative are guided by the following principles:

  • "The healthy social life is found when in the mirror of each human soul the whole community finds it reflection, and when in the community the virtue of each one is living" (Rudolf Steiner - Social Ethics).
  • Ubuntu - I am because you are.
  • Reverence for the spirit in the world as reflected in nature and man.
  • Love and respect for each other and Mother Earth.
  • The community is only as strong as its weakest link.
  • Matter is never without spirit and spirit never without matter.
  • Stability and prosperity only comes with diversity and cooperation.
  • Management and production activities follow organic/biodynamic processes that remain in the realm of the living and are dynamic and adaptable.
  • Individual members' independence and freedom are respected and upheld within the community insofar as those qualities support and enhance the well-being and prosperity of the total community.
  • In the realm of rights and spiritual/cultural activities, decision-making is based on consensus.
  • Sustainability is measured on at least three levels: economic, social and environmental impacts.
  • Food sovereignty that guarantees human freedom and independence.
  • All wealth creation starts by maximising the capture of sunlight by growing plants.
  • Transparency and accountability form the basis of all interactions and transactions, financial and otherwise, that members engage in.

Afrikara aims to:

  • Ensure food and fuel sovereignty by producing or manufacturing high quality food, fibre, medicinals, renewable fuel/energy and other natural products for the benefit of members and their local communities.
  • Hire, buy, establish or erect and/or use or make available or otherwise acquire for use facilities, resources and outlets for members engaging in sustainable agro-ecological practices and related activities to generate wealth for all.
  • Hire, buy, sell or lease immovable property that may be required to fulfill its objectives.
  • Provide any service, training and education to members that could assist in developing their capacities to engage in sustainable wealth creation and to extend these activities to the local community to foster community development and creation of local enterprises.
  • Use a proportion of the surplus created through the economic activities of the Cooperative to consciously create and support an environment in which spiritual and/or cultural and/or artistic activities can take place for the benefit of the members and their local communities.
  • Apply the bio-dynamic preparations and other natural remedies/preparations to revitalise, enliven and restore landscapes and natural resources to a balanced and healthy state, so that they are able to support an abundance of life and productive processes.
  • Create community-supported agricultural networks that link customers directly to producers and processors.

Restrictions applicable to members’ activities in relation to Afrikara

  • Members' activities can link in to any part of, or the entire, agro-ecological value chain, from soil to consumer.
  • Members may not engage in any activity or process, whether through the Cooperative or not, that will have any negative impact on other Cooperative members, the environment or broader community.
  • Members will make their produce, products and/or services available to other Cooperative members in preference to non-members, at rates and prices as agreed upon from time to time at a General Meeting.
  • Produce and goods that members purchase through the Cooperative are for their own consumption or use, or in an enterprise registered as an Activity Right within the Cooperative. Such produce or goods may not be bought for resale outside the Cooperative for a member's private benefit.


Agro-ecology refers to land-based production of food, fibre and medicinals, including, but not limited to, activities such as animal and crop production, bee-keeping and vermiculture.

Biodynamic preparations
The Biodynamic Preparations 500-509, as enumerated in Rudolf Steiner's series of lectures published under the title The Agricultural Course, as well as any other preparations that have since been developed based on this work.

Poetry writing workshops

Shirley's work has been published in several literary journals and anthologies and she recently received the third prize in the 2017 Dalro Poetry Awards.  She has been running poetry writing workshops in the Eastern Cape and Johannesburg since 2016. The workshops usually run over six weeks, with participants meeting once a week for two hours. She hopes to run weekend poetry retreats at Hoekiesdam and other venues in the Western Cape, and also to continue offering six-week workshops to anyone who may be interested in learning to write poetry or improve their writing skills. 

Contact Shirley

Wooden toys

Hennie moved to Hoekiesdam in April 2019. 

He is busy upgrading the workshop and converting part of it into a woodwork shop, where he will be manufacturing wooden developmental toys and domestic accessories for sale under the Afrikara umbrella. 

Once the workshop is fully functional, he aims to offer training in woodwork.

Contact Afrikara


Both the Tarot and I-Ching can successfully be used as tools to encourage and empower people to take right action and make right decisions for their lives, by highlighting possibilities and concerns and bringing ideas and suggestions into play that may otherwise not have been considered.  Shirley has successfully been reading the Tarot for herself, and for friends and family, for many years.  More recently, she was introduced to the I-Ching, and has found combination Tarot-I-Ching readings to be incredibly helpful and insightful, to the extent that long-standing clients have urged her to start doing readings professionally.

For prices and more information, please WhatsApp Shirley on 082 928 8671.  

Body Alignment

Using the chakras and minor chakras as gateways, Body Alignment seeks to address energetic imbalances on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  It works at the root cause of issues, with the permission and guidance of the client's Higher Self.  The facilitator, or practitioner, locates specific body points to access the energy fields of systems and organs in the body, linking to and releasing, energy blockages in the physical and supersensible bodies. 

Shirley is a qualified Body Alignment practitioner and can be WhatsApped on 082 928 8671 for more information and/or to book an appointment. 

Medicinal Plants/Herbs

We grow a large variety of medicinal plants and herbs, like Artemisia afra (African wormwood or mugwort), lion's tail (lion's ear/wild dagga), thistles, and many more. 

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We grow a limited range of perennial and seasonal herbs for teas and culinary purposes.  Please contact us if you would like us to cultivate herbs for you. 

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Salad Packs

We supply mixtures of assorted young lettuce leaves, herbs, edible flowers and other greens for good-looking salads.

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Aletta is always happy to share her knowledge and experience of biodynamic farming practices. However, if you would like her to visit your farm for an assessment or should you require more hands-on involvement, feel free to contact her to discuss her fees. Contact Afrikara


Dreamcatcher Workshop

Contact Thierry to organise a dreamcatcher retreat or workshop, or to order a personalised dreamcatcher.

Contact Afrikara

Mantra Art Workshops

Contact Thierry to organise a Mantra Art workshop or retreat at Hoekiesdam, or a venue of your choice. Mantra Art is a whole-art form practised by many Kung-Fu practitioners and can effectively be used as a team-building or personal-development tool.

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