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Invest in Afrikara

Do you need to spend your Corporate Social Investment funds?

Would you like to invest some of your profit in the future?

Do you want to know that your investment is working to support an initiative that will contribute to a more sustainable future for our children?

Then choose to support the work of Die Bevryde Grond Trust and Afrikara Co-op Ltd.

The return on your investment will be:

  • Supporting the people that are taking care of our natural environment.
  • Ensuring that young people who want to farm have access to land without having to incur huge debts to pay off the purchase of farm land.
  • Increasing the area of land that is freed from industrial agribusiness exploitation, pollution and ultimate desertification.
  • Increasing the production of affordable, healthy, toxin free food.
  • Reducing water wastage and pollution in agriculture.
  • Converting systems to use sustainable energy sources.
  • Increasing biodiversity.
  • Saving honey bees.
  • Creating beautiful, living, learning, edible landscapes.
  • Creating opportunities for people to RECONNECT WITH NATURE.
  • Reducing the negative impacts that industrial agriculture has on our environment.
  • Ensuring that all people that work on farms are able to truly benefit from the work that they do.
  • Creating an environment in which children can learn how to be fully human as opposed to being “schooled” to be cogs in the wheel of a system that benefits only a few.

Can you put a monetary value to the benefits of the above?

Choose any figure and deposit that into our bank account.

We will send you updates on how your money is working for the good.