More info about what's happening at Afrikara


Our agro-ecological practices build healthy soil, conserve water, protect pollinators and keep the air and water clear of harmful pesticides.
We work with the land that is in our care to develop a living, learning, edible environment that restores health to the whole of the Earth Community.

Education and Awareness Raising

Part of Afrikara's vision is to support a rapid evolution of consciousness in agriculture.
For this to happen, we host meetings, workshops, training sessions and informal gatherings to share ideas on how to shape the future that we are creating on a day-to-day basis.

Reforestation project

As part of a Breede River reforestation project, many indigenous trees have already been planted on Hoekiesdam.
We also have a nursery of oak saplings waiting to take their rightful place on the farm.

Breede Valley Sustainable Development Initiative

Afrikara has spear-headed the development of the BVSDI as a model for an alternative approach to rural development and land reform in South Africa.
At Hoekiesdam, we believe that through healing the land, we can help to heal and build the communities that live in the region.

Magic Mystery School of Gud Stuff

The Magic Mystery School of Gud Stuff (which is in the making) is in memory of Gustav van der Merwe, late son of Aletta Venter.
His big dream was to have a school on the farm that operated outside of the normal educational mode. As a computer programmer he was convinced that young people should be taught binary language as a basic skill to be in control of computer technology, instead of being controlled by it.
As a founding member of Afrikara he facilitated and capitalised the move towards renewable energy. He also planted many trees.